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Neoclassical label Piano and Nature will plant a tree for every new release

Born from the old-fashioned Christmas spirit: the new plans for Piano and Nature.

Piano and Nature
Piano and Nature originated from the piano division of PM Label Group and started in 2017 with the music of the Dutch pianist Martèn LeGrand. In 2020, this division continued under the name Piano and Nature. Since then, the label has combined calming, relaxing piano music with breathtaking footage and images of nature. By planting a tree with every new release, Piano and Nature also wants to give something back to nature. In any case, the promotion will run throughout 2023.

The trees and the forest
The tree is donated to the pianist of the corresponding release, who thus becomes ‘tree keeper’. Piano and Nature then displays the coordinates of the planted trees, including a photo, in the Piano and Nature online forest, so that everyone can see where they are located. As a tree keeper, the pianist is forever connected to the tree and receives updates about the agroforestry projects where the tree is growing”. A map in the online Piano and Nature forest shows the exact location of all planted trees. For this technique and the planting of the trees, Piano and Nature cooperates with Treedom, which also calculates the absorbed CO2.

Thijs Borgman, founder of PM Label Group, is enthusiastic about the campaign. “It feels like all comes together by planting a tree for a release on Piano and Nature. Working with Treedom creates something good for nature and local farmers in a transparent way. With a real digital forest, it’s also a lot of fun to participate as a pianist.’

The forest can be found at, where as of next year there will also be a whole new website with information about the pianists, releases and more.

A lot of new music is planned for 2023. Various albums will be released by Martèn LeGrand, the Belgian pianists Stefan Truyman, Tom Kristiaan (who’s currently in Spotify’s Peaceful Piano playlist), Pieter Savenberg, the German pianist Dennis Korn and more. In 2023, The Belgian pianist Tom Kristiaan will even release an entire album inspired by nature and created in collaboration with a nature photographer.

Forest Ghana, AfricaPhoto: planted trees in Ghana, Africa