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Stefan Truyman

Stefan Truyman is an all-round Belgian music composer. He started to play the piano at the age of six. He took a classical piano training, later followed by classical guitar and flute. From the first year he learned that music was a unique way to express emotions and to tell stories with music notes. So from the beginning he composed his own little pieces and during the following years he kept discovering new styles and genres, which also resulted in playing new instruments, like synths and samplers, percussion and electric guitar. He was especially drawn to the power of film music and after writing music for several theatre productions in the Royal Flemish Theatre, he became one of the two composers for “The Cold Light of Day” (1995), starring Richard E. Grant. For this soundtrack he was able to work and record with the Film Symphony Orchestra in Prague. Later he was asked to write music for several television shows, like the Belgian versions of “Survivor” and “My Restaurant Rules” and the popular “Man Bijt Hond”. He also was asked to compose the music for the leader of “De Pelgrimscode”, a Dutch adventure game show. Recently he composed the opening theme for a new Belgian TV show , “Cupido Ofzo” which is broadcasted in Belgium and the Netherlands. His music is often used as underscore in several television programs. During the last years he returned to his basic roots, where it all began: the solo piano.