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Bart Sunshine

Bart Sunshine is a composer and therapist.
Being as young as 5 years old, she started to play the piano. She inherited her passion for music from her father, who also taught her. Over time she found her own style through composition, which became more of a need than a hobby. Her work as a therapist has become her prime source of inspiration. Through her music she found a way of expressing emotions and awakening them in others, which is another beautiful and creative way of doing therapy.

She currently has over 240,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and she has 4 songs on these Spotify Editorials: Calm Vibes, Piano Focus and Calm & Focussed.
She has collaborated on 2 compilation albums of the best pianists in the world. One called “Hope” and another “Piano Reflections” with artists like Oscar Pascasio, Javi Lobe, Cory Alstad, Glenn Natale, Angel Ruediger, Vicent Corver, Holly Jones, and more.
She reached number 1 on European One World Music radio with her song Truth (Es Vedrá).
She has also appeared on different radio stations such as Onda Cero and Formentera radio (Spain) with her song Minves de Gener.
Flux Music and NeoFm Radio (Germany) with Astrology and Minves de Gener.
One World Music radio (Europe) with Minves de Gener, Astrology, Truth and Intimacy.
She has several songs on Pandora (EEUU Station) Editorials, like “Solo Piano”, “Classical for studying”, “Piano”, “New Age Now” and more.
Her song Truth (Es Vedrá) has 200.000 streams on Apple Music and currently her music has surpassed 100,000 views in the US (Apple Music).
Also she has more than 1 million views of videos with her music on Tiktok.